Project Partners 

Ms. V. R Shirly Grace Nirmala

Shirly is an experienced educator and passionate advocate for gender studies, with a decade of experience as an Assistant Professor in Human Rights and Duties Education. Beyond academia, she actively engages in projects addressing gender issues, collaborates with All Women Police Stations in Chennai, and is pursuing a PhD in Women Studies at the University of Madras. As a key member of ECTE, she leads content development, driving positive change in education and gender equality.

Ms. Srini Kumar | Research Assistant, ECTE

Srini's journey into the world of human rights and duties education began when she chose this course for her master's program. At ECTE, Srini engages in research spanning two pivotal areas: the historical context of sex and sexuality in India and its influence on modern sexuality education. Her work under the guidance of Ms. Shirly contributes to a deeper understanding of these crucial subjects, shaping perspectives for the better.

Prof. R. Nithya | Ethiraj College for Women

Mr. Saravanan | Pudiyador NGO