Workers Centre - Veera Pengal Munnetra Sangam

With the establishment of Veera Pengal Munnetra Sangam in October 2023, an all-women trade formal organization in Chennai, our primary goal is to champion the empowerment and well-being of women engaged in non-traditional sectors. Through this initiative, we aspire to provide members with valuable information, tools, and resources that empower them to explore alternative opportunities, ultimately leading to improved wages, living conditions, benefits, and an overall enhanced quality of life.


The June 2022 report from the Government of India stresses the necessity for gig economy workers to pursue opportunities for better conditions. It highlights the need for social justice by addressing impacts on professions lacking support. With evolving businesses and challenges like population migration, the effort to adopt a multidimensional approach becomes crucial. As businesses evolve and challenges such as population migration emerge, adopting a multidimensional approach becomes crucial.

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Recent reports emphasize the critical need for workers in the gig economy to actively pursue opportunities beyond mere financial gains. The focus is on achieving improved wages, living conditions, benefits, and an overall enhanced standard of living. As businesses evolve in response to challenges such as population migration, an aging workforce, and business consolidation, the report advocates for a multidimensional approach deemed crucial not only to navigate emerging challenges but also to uplift the overall well-being of workers.

Additionally, there is a pressing need to empower individuals engaged in non-traditional roles, such as auto drivers or domestic workers, necessitating the development of specialized systems and infrastructure explicitly designed to support these unique employment forms. Furthermore, the prevalence of the gig economy magnifies the significance of addressing challenges within India's social welfare system, particularly in Chennai, underscoring the report's call for urgent measures to successfully navigate these complex issues.

How ?

In partnership with collaborators, ECTE has established the Veera Pengal Munnetra Sangam formal organization to empower women informal workers in Chennai. The primary objectives include registering members for benefits offered by various government departments and identifying additional opportunities available to them.

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We've undertaken a multi-faceted approach within this initiative. Our union has been formed to empower women informal workers in Chennai, bringing together a significant number, ranging from 400 to 500 autodrivers. Our primary aim is to furnish a collective platform for these workers, enabling them to voice concerns, negotiate for improved wages, advocate for better working conditions, and foster a supportive environment through self-help groups, and informal networks. This overarching goal ensures not only the sustainability but also the flourishing of women in these unconventional professions.

Who ?

ECTE is collaborating with workers, organization's leadership committees, local lawyers, and national and international experts to advance the cause of laborers in Chennai. The initiative also involves a research study conducted by the educational and research organization IFMR/LEAD, aiming to enhance worker empowerment in the city. Additionally, ECTE is in the process of partnering with the Greater Chennai Municipal Corporation (GCMC) and the Gender and Policy Lab to establish social infrastructure that supports the engagement of our members in public spaces and strengthens their presence in the city.